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How does Hypnotherapy work?

What Exactly Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a combination of natural hypnosis and therapeutic techniques intended to help deal with emotional issues; it is a two way process between therapist and client. I cannot help you with something you don’t want to deal with; I will however work with you to achieve whatever it is that you desire. As with any therapy, to realise success client commitment is needed.

When you are hypnotised you are totally relaxed, yet still utterly aware of your surroundings and what I am saying to you. When you relax like this it is the perfect opportunity for me to speak directly to your subconscious and when coupled with positive, therapeutic techniques this could help bring about positive adjustments in your mind (and in turn your body) that you are motivated to make.

Your mind consists of 2 elements; the conscious and the subconscious.

Your conscious mind is your logical mind - it deals with analysing situations, maths, language, reading, writing and ego. It uses rational thought, learns, understands and organises things, thinks and makes choices.

The subconscious mind is the more illogical mind (it is not always rational or appropriate!). It deals with emotions, memories, imagery, imagination, dreams, creativity and symbols. The subconscious will carry on doing things in a set manner even though it is clear that it may not be the best way or that another way may be more advantageous to you.

If you think about how the subconscious works you may begin to recognise where a lot of unusual behaviour comes from; you develop habits and get stuck in negative routines because your subconscious doesn't know how to change - this is where hypnotherapy could help you to change things.

What Type Of Hypnotherapy Might Be Best?

Hypnotherapy can only be really successful if you genuinely want to make a positive change to your life & if you are as dedicated as I am to assisting you to make this happen.

Suggestion Therapy

This type of hypnotherapy is most commonly applied to habit forming problems, such as quitting smoking, stopping nail biting, etc and these sorts of issues could generally be dealt with in a few sessions. However, suggestion work is not effective for every type of problem; for example, an emotional problem may show itself physically as a nail biting problem but this could be driven by a more deep rooted issue. In this case suggestion therapy could stop the nail biting for a little while or maybe even altogether but a new habit or other problem might manifest in its place; this is where analytical hypnotherapy could be used (also called hypno-analysis). Suggestion therapy uses positively phrased suggestions that take root in the subconscious mind and which you are then able to act on automatically.

Hypnoanalysis (or Analytical Therapy)

When you want to deal with more deep seated issues then analytical hypnotherapy is more likely to be beneficial to you. In hypno-analysis I will impartially guide you and helping you to explore your subconscious mind - the aim of this being to locate the root cause of your issues or symptoms through hypnosis techniques. You will go back into your past, find out when the issue first occurred and look at how to deal with it and rid yourself of any harmful, negative feelings and emotions. Freeing yourself from these memories and the emotions associated with them could help make it possible for you to live your life in a far more positive way. It aims to help you change negative behaviour patterns and create new, more pleasing and personally rewarding behaviour.

How Could Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy could help you with considerably more than you may imagine*, for example;

Emotional Issues**

Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, jealousy, anger, guilt; all very upsetting emotions but hypnotherapy could help you to deal with them without having to resort to medication and, as with all hypnotherapy treatments, no negative side effects!


Habitual behaviour patterns such as nail biting, smoking or more deep rooted impulses can seem uncontrollable but hypnotherapy could help you to remove the problem simply and naturally.

Negative Attitudes and Beliefs**

Hypnotherapy could be useful in helping you to change destructive thought patterns; low self-esteem or irrational emotions can often prove to have negative affects on your life. You may have convinced yourself that you are suffering from an illness or disorder (even with absolutely no medical evidence to support it) or you may have convinced yourself that your partner is being unfaithful (when there is no evidence to suggest it).

Fears and Phobias**

Hypnotherapy could help you to deal with worrying and upsetting fears and phobias and help to stop them hampering your everyday life. Lots of people have irrational fears or phobias about all sorts of different things; you certainly aren’t the only one! Be it spiders, mice, flying, dentists, cotton wool or any manner of other animals, objects or situations, hypnosis could help you.

But you don't need to have one of the listed issues to enjoy the benefits of hypnosis; many of my clients visit regularly for a confidence boost or simply for pure relaxation.

*Those with medical issues must first consult their doctor for agreement before proceeding with hypnotherapy.
**Client commitment and motivation is required.

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