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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy*

Stop Smoking in Benfleet- Hypnosis Could Help

stubbing out a cigarette to stop smoking
Do you really want to quit smoking?
Stop craving those harmful cigarettes?
Hypnosis could help you stop that nasty habit forever!

Are you noticing you’re getting out of breath more often? Without even particularly exerting yourself?

Do you think it’s about time that you put your hard earned cash towards something more rewarding?

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering why you lit up that last cigarette? You didn't really want it did you?

Wouldn’t you feel fantastic to be able kick that smelly, unhealthy and overpriced habit?

Well with my guidance, and the use of therapeutic techniques, if you really want to do it then you could! You could become a natural non-smoker and reap the benefits of a new and healthier lifestyle.

If you are motivated to stop smoking then hypnotherapy is a very natural method that could help you to deal with the cravings, mood swings and over eating which are usually associated with quitting smoking, and all without any of the negative side effects which can sometimes be caused by nicotine patches or quit smoking medication.

snapping a cigarette in half

The quit smoking programme that I use consists of a thorough consultation in combination with an intensive session of hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques. It is a single session that lasts between 1 hour 45 minutes - 2 hours and costs £199.

Take your first step towards a new life as a non-smoker and get in touch now! Call, or email, today to book your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session in Benfleet!

*Client commitment required.

Want to know how you will benefit from quitting smoking? Click here to find out!

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But surely smoking can't do that much damage can it?


Cigarettes contain many dangerous chemicals; some of these occur naturally in tobacco, and others are formed when processing tobacco into cigarettes. When a cigarette is burnt, it releases thousands more chemicals in tobacco smoke. Many of these chemicals are harmful to people who smoke and also to people who breathe in second-hand smoke.

In fact, cigarettes include over 4,000 poisonous chemicals; approximately 60 of these are carcinogenic (could cause cancer). The three main toxins are nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar.

Some other chemicals found in cigarettes are:
Titanium - Metal used to make aeroplanes
Methanol - Rocket fuel
Hydrogen Cyanide - Poison used in gas chambers
Formaldehyde - Preservative for dead bodies
DDT and Dieldrin - Insecticides
Carbon Monoxide - Petrol exhaust fumes
Benzo(a)pyrene - Diesel exhaust fumes
Arsenic - Rat poison
Ammonia - Toilet cleaner
Acetone - Nail varnish remover

When you smoke it increases the rate of your heart and stimulates your nervous system. When you first start smoking a cigarette may provide a quick dose of dopamine (the brain chemical that feels good) and noradrenaline for a few minutes and this has a positive effect on your mood and your concentration. Then, between cigarettes, the levels of these hormones slump, leaving you anxious, irritable and in need of another cigarette. So you have another one to counter the agitation and get that nice feeling back.... This creates a pattern your subconscious follows even when that dopamine effect is no longer present, as you get used to it over time, so you continue to smoke, until you decide enough is enough, and come and see me!

Just think now about just how great you will feel when you are free of that pointless, expensive and unhealthy habit... and if that's what you want, then that’s what hypnotherapy could help you achieve!

Still not 100% convinced? Then click here read these smoking statistics.
Information source: Cancer Research UK


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