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Pathways Hypnotherapy in Benfleet Essex

Sleep problems? Hypnosis in Benfleet could help!

Hypnotherapy for Insmonia in Essex.

man having problems sleeping

Do you have trouble getting to sleep?
Does your mind race and you lie in bed thinking about all those things you still have to do?
Can’t switch off?

Insomnia is more common than you might think but hypnotherapy could help you! Good quality sleep is vital to you to help ensure a healthy body/mind and for your overall emotional health. Hypnosis as a complementary therapy for sleeplessness could help you learn to re-educate your mind into relaxing into sleep easily and naturally.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is when you have a problem getting to sleep, or staying asleep long enough to wake up feeling refreshed the next morning, all the time. This generally happens despite having enough opportunity to get to sleep. If you have difficulty trying to fall asleep then you are probably already suffering with insomnia.

After all, you aren't supposed to try to fall asleep are you? You're supposed to just do it naturally, but it’s not always that easy is it?

Hypnosis could help you to learn how to just slow down; our lives nowadays are particularly rushed and full of things to do but when you want to fall asleep an overactive brain doesn't help!

Most people will have problems sleeping at some point in their life. Insomnia appears to be more common in women and more likely to occur as you get older, but problems sleeping can affect anyone at any age.

yawning woman having problems sleeping

How Can Hypnosis Help with Sleep Problems?

Sleep problems tend to start in isolation, one bad night then nothing for a while, but often this develops into bad habits. If I asked you not to think of a pink elephant with purple spots you would probably think of one. It’s the same theory with insomnia, if you think you won't be able to get to sleep, it's almost certain that you won't. Hypnotherapy could help you to develop new expectations, better sleep patterns and make insomnia a thing of the past.

If you are suffering from insomnia you may experience:
Trouble falling asleep.
Disturbed sleep patterns/constant waking.
Feelings of anxiety, irritability, tiredness and lack of concentration after a nights sleep (and not feeling revitalized, refreshed and ready to go).
Waking up far too early.
Stress or anxiety.
Too many stimulants (nicotine, medications, caffeine, sugar etc).
Poor surroundings (too bright, too noisy, too cold, too warm).
An underlying medical issue.

These issues could all be possible causes of your insomnia or sleep problems. You should always consult your doctor first to rule out any medical conditions which may need to be addressed. However if your doctor is happy for you to go ahead with hypnosis for insomnia then maybe it could help! Contact me to see how hypnotherapy could help with your sleep problems.

Why not try my "Sleep Well" self hypnosis audio download to help you relax and unwind ready for a good nights sleep?

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